Anekdote Frans Theelen Alps Tourist Trophy 2019

Mooie herinneringen! Thx Frans!!

Anekdote Frans:

“Very nice memory today at Special Stage 3 of the Alps Tourist Trophy. Had a deja-vu with the Gibraltar Race (Special Stage 2 of Day 11) of 2019.

The start of the stages was identical. In 2019 I was driving together with Bert Duursma. It was my first rally, learning from the master (both on the legendary 1150 Bert enduro). 200m in the stage, I crashed in a gentle bend. Bert (driving behind) saw it late and (in order to avoid a collision) jumped ~1 meter down in a field below (keeping on the bike 🤞👍).

Afterwards he helped me to repair my puncture in the same place.
Late in the evening Rodrigo Krabbenborg (then Memo tours) changed my tire. Today he is the mechanic of team Berrt in the ATT 😄).”

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